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"Hey," Jess says, fresh from her bath, teeth brushed, hair hurriedly combed. Sam is cross-legged on her bed, a magazine in front of her, but upon closer inspection, Jess can see that Sam is going through the news stories as if she's looking for something.

If she's at the Roadhouse, though, that's probably exactly what she's doing.

Sam glances up, grins hugely, and it brings out gorgeous dimples; it's the type of smile that fills any room with sunshine almost immediately. It sets Jess at ease right away.

"Just, you know, trying to find anomalies," Sam says. She shoves the magazine away, throws her legs over the side of the bed, and, planting her palms next to her hips on the mattress, she keeps showering Jess with that smile.

"Anomalies, huh? We usually just call those 'weird shit'."

"I went to college," Sam says. "Or at least, for awhile I did. I kind of had to leave early."

Jess plops down onto her own bed. "Why did you have to leave early?"

"Oh, it's a long story," Sam says, dismissing the question. "What's up with you and Jo?"

Jess is about to dissemble the same way that Sam just had, but instead, she says, "Honestly? We just don't like the same things."

Sam nods sympathetically, but then she gets up, comes over to Jess's bed and kneels in front of it. Her hands are close enough to Jess's thighs that she can feel the heat of Sam's palms.

"You might be surprised," Sam suggests. She's giving Jess a very bemused look, as if there's a mystery in front of her that she can't solve.

"No, I don't think so," Jess says, trying not to sound like a mournful puppy. Judging from Sam's expression, though, she's failed.

"I like the same things," Sam says. "I saw the way you looked at me, Jess. Have you ever actually had the chance to express how you feel?"

"I've slept my way through the United States, if that's what you mean," Jess says defensively. Sam shakes her head and smiles crookedly, only one dimple showing this time.

"You may have done that, but I don't think you ever actually came to understand what that means about yourself."

"It probably means I'm a useless whore," Jess says, but Sam frowns.

"I wouldn't say hunting, even as an amateur, is useless, for one, and secondly, you're not a whore. A girl can go after what she needs without being a whore or any of those other demeaning names. But that wasn't my point. You didn't sleep your way through the U.S.," Sam says, "you slept with the female population, didn't you?"

"So what?" Jess is beginning to feel defensive, and really young and stupid. Though Sam really doesn't seem all that much older than she is.

"So, this," Sam whispers, breath feathering hot over Jess's lips--when did she get that close?--and then Sam's mouth is slanting over her own, hand curving around the back of Jess's neck, and pressing her into the kiss.

Jess's eyes close, she can feel her heart miss a beat and then start back up, faster and uneven, and her body warms and begins to swell. She winds her hands into the short, pretty hair Sam has, and parts her lips so that their tongues can meet, touch, lick against one another.

Her body is becoming slick, dripping slowly, the feel of it like ribbon being dragged over her excruciatingly sensitive skin.

Sam tilts her head a little, and her hand slips down the nape of Jess's neck, down onto her shoulder, and she leans into Jess at the same time she pushes Jess towards her, and their breasts meet and crush together, sharp aching pleasure immediate.

Sam curls her tongue in Jess's mouth, slowly around Jess's tongue, and Jess is not sure she's ever been kissed like this. It's magical; this time she's not worried about demons or interruptions, all she wants is for this to never, ever end.

But it does end, Sam drifting back, her mouth slick and shining, strawberry-wine red. "You like girls."

"Yeah," Jess gasps breathlessly. She wants to pull Sam back towards her.

"No," Sam says, shaking her head. "I'm sorry. I wanted to make a point, and I could have done it without doing... well, without kissing you, but I just. I wanted to do that so badly."

"Kiss me again," Jess murmurs, reaching for Sam's short hair, her pretty rounded cheeks again.

"I can't," Sam says. "I want to, but you see, I'm not here just to mess around. Um, that came out the wrong way. I meant mess around in general, like waste time from my hunting... that doesn't sound any better. Shit. Look, the thing is, I have a boyfriend out there somewhere. I have no idea where he is. Eventually I'll find him, but in the meantime, I'm trying to work out the secrets of my history."

"A boyfriend," Jess says disbelievingly.

"Yeah, see, the point I was making is that some girls--some people, actually--will be able to be with a guy or a girl, but you can't. You only like girls; I like both. Make sense?"

"I think I should have gone to college," Jess says wryly.

"It's true I experimented in college," Sam says, grinning. "A lot of kids do. It's how I figured out how hot it could be to touch another woman. But it's also where I met my boyfriend. He'd be kinda pissed if he thought I was... well, no, he'd be more pissed I made out with a girl when he couldn't watch." She laughs a little. "He's a good guy, not at all what that makes him sound like, though."

"Which is why you won't kiss me again?" Jess asks, though she knows the answer.

"Yeah," Sam says. "Although you never know, maybe Dean will want me to when he finds me. Or I find him. Whichever comes first."

"So," Jess says, wondering if she can get Sam to be this open about any other subject. "Honestly, why did you leave school?"

Sam's lips turn down. "Someone... no, something tried to kill me," she says darkly. Her very demeanour is changed now, but it's not frightened so much as angry and determined.

"Oh my God, did you kill it?"

"No," Sam says. "It destroyed my dorm room with a fire--"

"That's where I know you from!" Jess interjects, shocked and surprised. This is the girl from that photograph! "I was there. I saw your room; Ruby and I investigated it. And... we thought it was a demon that did it."

"Yeah, it was," Sam says. "That's why I'm here. Because I needed help trying to find it and kill it. This thing... you don't know, Jess. It tried to get to me before. It killed my whole family when I was just a baby. To this day, no-one knows quite how I survived."

Jess knows her mouth is hanging open. "That happened to me," she says. "Well, not precisely like that. A fire killed my parents." And my sister, she thinks, but she doesn't say it aloud; it might not even be true, since Jess isn't sure she trusts her memory anymore.

"...that's really strange," Sam says. "In Palo Alto, everyone thought it was just bad wiring. But... I don't even know how I knew, I just knew it wasn't that. It was something else. Dean... well, this is such a long, boring story, but I met Dean when I was in school..."


"You've got a nice ride," the guy says to her, a cocky grin on his face. Sam's first instinct is to flip him off, because he's got that look of a womanizing jerk, but for some reason she doesn't.

"It was my grandfather's," she replies. It's the only real relic left from her family. It had showed up, unexplained but for the deed in her name and the note that said it used to belong to her grandfather, Samuel Campbell. She had no idea where it had come from, since she'd grown up in foster care.

"It's totally sweet," the guy continues. "I'm Dean. Can I take you out sometime?"

She doesn't even know why she says yes, but she does. And later, it's completely by accident that she finds out his true profession; her legs are wrapped around his hips, his jeans still on, her skirt shoved up, her back against the wall of her dorm room.

She doesn't think that he meant to tell her, just he stopped thrusting all of a sudden, pulling from her and gently setting her down.

"You ever hear funny noises in here?" he asks. Sam stares at him. The only other thing she knows about her grandfather is that he used to have a journal chronicling evil creatures and how to kill them. But that's mostly rumour--the town where she was born, he was notorious for being a crackpot. Still, though. She's known forever that the death of her parents, the fire, everything... it was caused by something

not human.

"Are you a hunter?" she says, and Dean turns to her, shock written across his face.

But he tells her the truth, and then before Sam knows it, they're taking each other out more often and more often, until one night, this time Sam on her back on her bed, with her silken slip yanked up her thighs, Dean between them, he says,

"I'm going to find out what happened to your family."


"Um, yeah, sorry about the skin-showing parts of that story. And so we went off together, you know?"--and Jess does know--"and I got kidnapped in Hibbing, and Dean never found me, and I haven't been able to track him down yet, either. I'm not really sure how I escaped, actually. I guess I just got lucky somehow."

Jess is dumbfounded by all the revelations. Still exhausted, too, so she leans back on her bed, and Sam goes back to her own.

"I... need to think about all this," Jess says haltingly. It must have been Kathleen and Jess who saved Sam, without even realising it.

Sam makes a noise.

"It's a lot to take in, if you haven't lived with it your whole life," Sam says, and Jess rolls over. She doesn't mean to be rude, but she's asleep before she can tell Sam that she's going to bed.


Jess thinks that maybe Hell really is other people. Or at least, this, where she's dragging a damp cloth back and forth over the same table and trying to ignore the fact that it's super early, Ellen and Ash are off conferring somewhere, and it's just Jess and Jo, in a room that should be more than big enough for both of them, but with all of their issues, Jess feels smothered by it all.

She's still fervently hoping that Jo will just let it ride, but all of a sudden there's a hand on her wrist, forcing her to be still, and Jo is twisting her around so that Jess is pinned with her ass against the table, Jo in front of her.

God, she looks good. Jess swallows around the sharp lump rising in her throat. Jo is just as beautiful as she remembered--so beautiful that she's never been able to forget.

Her blond hair is shining, glinting in the sunlight like metallic threads are sewn through it. Her blue eyes, though, are shaded with unhappiness, troubled.

She doesn't look angry anymore. Just sad. And maybe a little disappointed.

"You're an idiot," Jo says, and Jess has heard that before. But Jo sounds sorrowful as she says it.

"I already know that," Jess says defensively, but Jo puts a finger over her lips.

"You need to fucking listen to me," Jo grinds out. "I've been trying to get you to fucking listen for a goddamn year at least, and you're so up to your neck in this muck that you've been carrying around, you can't even just..." Jo sucks in a breath, but she doesn't move her finger.

Jess's heart is pounding. She's stupidly, irrationally terrified, because she's just too much of a coward to face the words. She wants to go back to hiding her head in the sand and not having to hear Jo tell her about him, to tell her it meant nothing, that...

"Stop doing that," Jo says sharply. "I can see your mind running around like a panicked rat. You don't even know what I'm going to say."

Even though Jo is still shushing her, Jess says, "I can guess."

"No," Jo says. "You can't." She moves her finger, but she does it slowly, and it drags Jess's lower lip down before Jo withdraws it entirely. There's a very soft, tender expression on Jo's face. It makes Jess's heart break even more. This is the part where Jo tries to let her down easy, right? Just to ease her own conscience?

"Stop doing that," Jo repeats. "You have no idea. Jessica Lee Moore, I love you."

Jess drops her eyes and refuses to watch Jo's face any more.

"Yeah, of course you do," she says, defeated. "I'm your sister."

"Jesus Christ," Jo says. "No, you shining example of idiocy, I love you." Jo yanks at Jess's chin until she's staring her in the eyes again. "I've loved you forever. But instead of sticking it out, you saw one stupid interaction and made a stupid assumption and ran away."

"I don't understand." These are words that Jess has longed for her to say, but somehow, now that Jo has said them, they don't seem to make sense in conjunction with each other.

"I was talking to Dean Winchester," Jo says wearily. "He was trying to find his girlfriend--Sam. This is a place where people come for information, Jess. You know that. I wasn't trying to pick him up. He wasn't trying to pick me up. Jess, I've never liked boys that way. And that's because of you. I fell in love with you when we were so young that I could never fathom being with anyone else."

Jess is caught staring, pretty much. She's watching Jo's lips, and they're definitely moving, which means the words she's hearing are really being said.

"Jess," Jo says, and now she sounds a little desperate. "Just don't stare at me like a fool."

"I--" Jess wriggles against Jo's hold, and Jo moves back slightly, giving Jess the chance to drag Jo against her, both arms tight over the slender column of Jo's spine. "I love you too. I'm sorry I'm so fucking stupid."

"If you're going to be that fucking stupid," Jo says against her shoulder, "at least do it with me, and not by ignoring me forever. Oh, God, I thought I'd never see you again."

Jess feels immediately, unbelievably guilty.

"I just... I can't..." Jess turns towards Jo, and their lips connect accidentally, on an awkward angle, and instead of the apology she's planning, she winds up kissing Jo until they're both drenched in sweat and breathing in huge, heaving pants against each other.

It's a kiss unlike any they've ever shared before, and Jess feels, for the first time, like maybe things are starting to go right.


Jo and Jess have been sitting in one of the booths, staring stupidly at each other--googly eyes in full force--when Sam comes bursting into the room. She's panting, her hair in disarray, and she stashes herself on the other side of the booth and gives Jess a wide-eyed look.

"Jess," she says, but she's not calling out her name like she's expecting a response; it's more a declaration. "Jessica. Jessica Lee. Jessica Lee Moore," she finishes with emphasis. Jess is utterly bemused. What in the world is going on?

"What's up?" she asks, but Sam holds up a hand for her to be quiet.

"Moore," she repeats. "I'm Samantha Moore. And I know, I know, it's a common name. But it's not as common as having a grandfather named Samuel Campbell. As having your house burn down."

And it clicks in Jess's brain, just like the knowledge has always been there.

"You're my sister," she says. The words feel strange in her mouth, but saying them aloud takes away a heaviness she didn't even know she was carrying.

"Yeah," Sam says. "Ash is the one who made all the connections. He doesn't know how we got separated or anything, just that you must have carried me out of the fire."

Jess remembers the dreams, the phantom ache in her arms. "I did. I knew... I just thought I was crazy."

Jo is silent next to her, and Jess can't find the time to wonder what she's thinking. Actually, that's partly because she's just now remembering making out with Sam last night.

If the hint of a blush on Sam's cheekbones is any indication, she's remembering that too. But it's like she doesn't have to say a word; she knows that neither of them are going to mention it.

At least, not with an audience.

Sam's eyes are a little misty. "I have family," she says. "I thought I was all alone."

"You're not alone."

Three heads whip towards the doorway. Standing there, looking sheepish with his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, is the guy Jo had been... not flirting with... talking to.

"Dean!" Sam is up and out of the booth so fast Jess almost gets whiplash for the second time. She hurls herself into his arms. "You found me, finally."

Jo catches Jess's eye. And Jess realises Jo is saying the same thing. Jess grabs her hand, pulls her from the bench and to her feet, and they tip-toe out of the room, leaving Sam to her reunion with her missing boyfriend.


Lying in Jo's bed in the cramped back room, limbs entwined with each other, Jess is listening to Jo's breathing in the dim light of the setting sun.

"I really thought you weren't coming back," Jo murmurs against her bare shoulder. Jess is wearing a tank and panties, and Jo is wearing a button-down shirt and Jess rather suspects she doesn't have anything on underneath it. "I was so afraid I'd never get to tell you how I felt."

Jess can feel the rapid beat of Jo's heart through the barrier of her own skin. They must look relaxed and peaceful to an outsider, but Jess can tell how anxious Jo is from the way her heart's beating so fast.

She tightens her arm around Jo's waist, tugging her even closer. "I'm sorry," she whispers against Jo's cheek. "I'm not going anywhere this time."

"I was dumb," Jo says; she sounds as if she's reflecting on their shared past, and who knows, she probably is. "I thought you knew that I felt the same way about you." She's quiet for several breaths. "Jess, you were my first love. And I haven't loved anyone since."

Jess cuddles up to her, feeling guilty that she's messed around so much while away from Jo. She's about to open her mouth to confess, when Jo does that thing with her finger again, shushing her.

"Don't speak," she says, and her voice is soft and pitch-perfect. But she ruins the tenderness of the moment by adding, "you'll just ruin it."

Jess laughs. Jo is right; she knows her really well, after all.

She shifts so that she can reach Jo's mouth, tips her chin up, and instead of telling her about every girl she'd been with, she lets her lips tell Jo what she's feeling right now.

And what she's feeling right now is uncertain, but desperately in love. The world seems like it's glowing with all the possibility in her life now.

Jess isn't used to the idea that she has a place in someone's arms, more than just a temporary bout between sheets she doesn't recognise and won't be gracing again.

She kisses Jo long and slow, taking her time to re-learn every bit and piece of Jo's mouth, along with her self. It's been so long Jess thinks she should have forgotten this; instead, every movement of their mouths, in perfect sync, brings up another memory that Jess has kept in her head, even if boxed up.

Jo's lips and tongue tell Jess everything she needs to know about her lover. They impart secrets Jess hadn't known and reiterate everything else she's always known about Jo.

She can't keep her hands from roaming over Jo's face, trying to memorise by touch every feature: her nose, the corners of her lips as they curve under Jess's; the slight blemish at the side of her chin; the fringe of her lashes against her closed eyes. She musses up Jo's blond hair with her fingers, clutching at the strands as they kiss and kiss.

Jess thinks, hazily, that at some point she might do more than kiss Jo, but for now, all she can concentrate on is how good Jo feels, how amazing she tastes, how much Jess had missed this.

Jo, for her part, has her hands running up and down Jess's sides, her back, down over the swell of her ass and then returning to the small of her back. Jess rolls Jo onto her back and fits her knee between Jo's legs, ducking down to keep the contact of their lips intact.

Jo wraps her arms around Jess's torso and tugs her down, so that their breasts are touching. Jo's nipples are pebbled hard through the thin lawn of her shirt.

Jess works her other hand into Jo's hair as well and she grips it, pulling on it a little as she kisses Jo.

And then Jo must decide to move things along, because her fingers travel the length of Jess's back and then between her thighs, sliding her palm down the outside until she skims it between Jess's legs and hooks her fingers into the elastic of Jess's panties.

Jess knows that what she finds is unbearable wetness, her body already open and swollen and wet. The backs of her knees are beginning to sweat and there's droplets of it at her temples as she rolls her hips down to grind against Jo. Jo's fingers are driven deeper inside her with the motion.

Jess loses her breath to the hot, sweet confines of Jo's mouth as Jo crooks her fingers and drives them in, back and forth.

Jo lifts her hips forcefully, prolonging the contact between their lower bodies, and Jess grinds against her again in return, and they both gasp.

Jo's hair is turning dark blond at her forehead from perspiration, her lashes fluttering as she continues to raise her hips up to meet Jess, her pupils blown wide and dark every time Jess catches a glimpse of her eyes.

Jo's fingers are sending Jess over the edge into insanity with each perfect, delicious stroke; she's not going to leave Jo unsatisfied, though, because for the first time in a long time, the sex means something and she doesn't want to be that lousy lay. She wants Jo to get off just as long and hard as Jess does, and that means...

Even though she loves Jo's hair, she removes one hand from its tangles and slides it down in between their bodies, halting Jo's upward thrusts to delve into her body.

Jo is dripping against Jess's fingers, her opening warm and welcoming as Jess parts her folds and pushes her fingers inside.

Jo lets out another panted gasp, her hips coming up sharply again, which crushes Jess's fingers and Jo swivels her hips and their clits rub together briefly, just enough to send what feels like an electric shock through every last nerve in Jess's body.

"Stop," Jo breathes, and for a heart-shattering second, Jess thinks Jo has changed her mind, that she doesn't actually share Jess's feelings--at least until Jo moans and says, on the tail end of it, "stop thinking so much, it's not that, ah--"

Jess tugs her fingers free and plants her palms on the mattress, watching Jo carefully. Her girlfriend is sweating, fair skin flushed the colour of a sunburn, her lips puffy and damp.

"I want you to fuck me," Jo says breathlessly. Jess raises an eyebrow.

"I thought that's what I was doing?" she says, and though phrased as a question, it's more of a statement.

"Yeah, I know, but we've done this stuff before. I wanna--" Jo sucks in a huge draught of oxygen. "I wanna do something different. This means something more than before, I want it to be different."

"Like how?" Jess cocks her head and regards Jo, who is blushing even more fiercely.

"I want to feel you inside me," Jo says, eyes half-closed, her lips plump, her body radiating every sign of arousal.

Jess is fairly certain she's missing some critical piece of information, because...

"That's not physically possible," she says doubtfully.

"Move, for a second," Jo says, shoving at Jess. Jess allows herself to be moved, falling to Jo's side against the wall, and Jo gets up. She trots over to the dresser, rummages around in a drawer, and returns with... a dildo. And a harness.

Jess feels her eyes widen. She's never considered trying this before, not with anyone; yet trying it with Jo seems perfect. Just the thing to draw them even closer together, close enough that they can never be separated.

"Put this on," Jo says. She steps back, and a shaft of moonlight suddenly pierces the room, landing almost directly on Jo, who, in the shining beam of light, is unbuttoning her shirt, one button at a time.

Jess scrambles up and strips out of her tank top and her panties, and she has trouble figuring out how to put it on because she's so distracted by the sight of Jo's body, toned stomach and exquisite, round breasts being revealed by the shirt as Jo unbuttons.

Jo's not as developed as Jess--though once, she had the edge on her--but somehow that makes Jess even more eager. Her mouth floods with saliva and she can't wait to get close to her again.

Jo gives her a wicked half-grin. "Hurry up, I want you."

Jess shoves her legs into the harness and adjusts everything so that the fake cock is jutting out from her body. Jo kneels on the bed, leaning in, her breasts brushing against the tops of Jess's as she kisses her briefly, deliciously.

She winds an arm around Jess and their nipples touch, Jess's tightening again instantly, and she closes her eyes and enjoys the feel until Jo breaks the kiss.

"Open your eyes," she whispers against Jess's lips. "You'll need to see what you're doing."

Jess follows instruction, finding Jo's gaze in the dimness of the room, licking her lips and allowing Jo to climb onto the bed and lie back, her hair a swirled golden halo on the pillow.

Jess straddles Jo, and she reaches down and grips the fake cock with her fist. She giggles a little. "It's like a handle," she says. "If I actually had one of these, I don't know how I'd keep my hands off it."

Jo grins back. "I don't know how I'd ever keep my hands off you," she replies, and Jess wiggles her hips, making the dildo waggle a little.

"Stop it," Jo says, laughing, and Jess arranges her hips so that the tip of the dildo is nudging against Jo's opening and then kisses her again, running her palms all over every inch of skin that she can reach. If she never has this again, she wants to be sure her hands will retain the memory of every hollow, every valley and curve of Jo's slender body.

"I do love you," Jess says, dropping the words directly into Jo's mouth. Jo shudders, her body writhing under Jess's, and Jess wraps her hand around the strap-on again, this time rubbing the tip of it up over Jo's clit in tiny circles.

Jo's mouth falls open on a gasping, wrenching moan; she twists beneath Jess and Jess takes the opportunity to guide the dildo into Jo's body.

For a split second, she wishes she were a guy so she could feel with it the incredible softness of Jo's inner walls, which her fingers remember distinctly.

Jo's so wet and slick it goes in easily, each inch disappearing into the rich softness of Jo's body until it's completely encased.

Jo grabs Jess by the hair, yanking her down. "I love your hair short like this," she says in a strangled voice. "And I do love you. God. Fuck me, Jessica Moore, fuck me as hard as you can."

Jess kisses her, a smile forming on her lips as she does so. She will cave to Jo's wishes--in a minute. First, though, she's going to do this her way.

She starts off slow, simple. She's never done this before, not like she knows naturally what to do, so she spends the first few minutes learning a rhythm, driving in and out of Jo carefully, without any rush. Jo raises her hands to Jess's shoulders and her nails dig in as her hips cant up.

So Jess gives in. She starts to move faster, fucking the strap-on hard into Jo's body, making her girlfriend curse and sweat. Jo's skin is gleaming with perspiration from the hollow at her throat to the slight roundness of her belly, and probably below, though Jess can't see that far.

She starts to speak with every thrust. She's abusing Latin phrases, mixing up her idioms and such for sure, but she's telling Jo dirty things; dirty things and also stupidly romantic declarations, but only Jo's really going to know what she's saying, so it's okay.

The whole experience goes faster than Jess is expecting; Jo's pushing back at Jess with every inward stroke, and it sends sparklers exploding behind Jess's eyes, though Jo is the one to lose it first.

"Jess--!" she shouts, and Jess slaps a hand over her mouth to try and keep them from being overheard by Ellen. Jo's body bows off the bed, tremors beginning at the junction of her thighs and spreading. Jess shoves a finger into Jo against the moistened fake cock, enjoying the clutch and release of Jo's muscles as she comes, moaning into Jess's palm.

"My turn," Jess says huskily, throat dry. Jo reaches up and clumsily presses against the harness, creating friction against Jess's clit until she gasps, throws out a hand to support herself, and her orgasm floods over her in wracking tremors of pleasure.

It's just, it's over too fast. Her body is drenched in sweat and she pulls out of Jo, and Jo immediately clings to her. Suddenly gone is the girl with so much self-confidence Jess has always been jealous; gone is the self-assurance and the spit and fight that allows her to keep up with--and best, really--all the burly hunters that pass through her mother's bar.

"Don't leave me again," Jo whimpers against Jess's damp skin. She licks at it, presses open-mouthed kisses along every bit she can reach.

"No," Jess says, rolling to her side and clinging to her in return. "I'm not going to. You don't have to worry."

"Good," Jo says, but her speech is slurred, and Jess knows she's about to drop off to sleep.

Jess carefully disengages from her just long enough to kick out of the harness, then she wraps her arms around Jo again.

This time she can fall asleep next to her lover. She can wake up next to her lover. And then, when night rolls around again, she can fall asleep next to the same woman.

It relieves her so much that she falls asleep just about instantly.


The following morning, Jo showers first while Jess sneaks back to the room she's supposed to be sharing with Sam.

Sam and Dean are all tied up together in bed, too, and Jess cracks a pleased smile. She gathers up some clothes, showers after Jo, and then finds her girlfriend in the kitchen area.

Jo and Jess are eating when Sam comes out and finds them.

"Hey, morning," Sam says cheerily. "You two look like you made up."

"Shh," Jo says, "my mother." Sam laughs, and Dean strides into the room, and now that Jess isn't afraid that he's competition she can appreciate, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, how hot he is.

Dean curves his arm around Sam's waist and they both sit down. The four of them are still eating in pleasant companionship when Ash and Ellen enter the room.

"You got stuff to do," Ash says. "There's a badass demon stalking your family, Jess, Sam. You need to find out why."

Dean chews on his waffles and swallows. "Yeah. I've been sayin' to Sammy here that we gotta get on the road and find it. And kill it."

"I'm coming with you," Jess says right away. "I want to help. This is my family, my sister. I need to be a part of this hunt."

She feels Jo stiffen next to her, but she rubs her fingers along Jo's thigh and says, "I know Jo wants to help too."

Jo immediately relaxes.

Ellen frowns, but she doesn't contradict them.

"Finish up your breakfast," she says. "You're going to want to be fortified for your hunt."

"I don't know when we'll make it back, Mrs. Harvelle," Dean says. "It might be a long time."

"I know," Ellen says. She's quiet, reserved, but there's strength in her tone. "Be careful. And don't ignore your messages, Jo. Jess."

They both nod.

And they finish their breakfast. They pack up, and as they're walking out the door, Dean pauses and says,

"We will find this thing, and we're going to find out why it's after you, and we are going to kill it."

Jess turns and smiles at Jo.

And when Jo smiles back, Jess knows that everything is going to be okay.


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